The Power of Remembering

May 28, 2017

Memory is one of God’s special blessings that has the potential to guide us through perilous times. In 2 Timothy 1, Paul urged Timothy to remember the sincere faith modeled for him by his grandmother, Lois and his mother Eunice.  Powerful memories enable us to draw on divinely provided resources when times are tough.


“I Know Who Holds the Future”

January 1, 2017

Throughout history, people have been curious about what’s going to take place in
the future. At various times God has lifted the curtain that prevents us from seeing
the future, and let us catch a glimpse of events we can expect to take place in
future times. God was active in forecastng the future in the early chapters of
Genesis. The birth of Jesus is another time when God removed the curtain that
blocks our vision of the future. In Luke 2:21-38 Luke helps us to understand our
own connection with God’s plans for the future. Through it, we come face to
face with the fact that God didn’t withdraw from the world when he sent Jesus to live
on this earth. In the process we learn more about God’s plans for our future.