The Power of Remembering

May 28, 2017

Memory is one of God’s special blessings that has the potential to guide us through perilous times. In 2 Timothy 1, Paul urged Timothy to remember the sincere faith modeled for him by his grandmother, Lois and his mother Eunice.  Powerful memories enable us to draw on divinely provided resources when times are tough.


Muddy Waters

May 21, 2017

Few issues stir up as much confusion and controversy in the church as baptism. What began as a touchstone of Christian unity has become a muddy torrent dredging up old debris and carving out separate streams. Today’s message is an attempt to clear up the waters of baptism by returning to the New Testament sources of our faith.

Welcome to the Neighborhood

April 23, 2017

When Jesus said “Love your neighbor,” did he mean our literal neighbors: the retired couple next door, the Asian family two doors down, the noisy college students across the hall?  Yes! The call to love one’s neighbor begins right where we live. Imagine how many of the issues facing our society might be reduced if we simply took the time to get to know and love our neighbors. And think of the impact that you or I might have on the spiritual destinies of people in our community. There’s no Great Commission without the Great Commandment!

Into the Light

April 9, 2017

Nicodemus wants to have it both ways. A secret admirer afraid of risking his reputation and security by stepping into the light, he comes to Jesus at night. Perhaps there’s a bit of Nicodemus inside of us all. Are we limping through life with one foot in the light and the other in the darkness? We can’t hedge our bets forever. The light demands a verdict. What’s Nicodemus’s final answer? What’s yours?